Investment Management

You invest with us. We invest in your family’s future with multigenerational wealth planning.

Our team of wealth management professionals applies decades of investment experience to develop long-term investment strategies specific to your goals. If applicable, we create asset allocation plans specific to each generation including, but not limited to, seniors, the youngest family members, future generations and endowments.

Our investment management services include:

  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Development of Objectives
  • Equity and Fixed Income

    We consider valuation and quality in our investment process and seek to minimize risk for a given level of expected investment return.

  • Portfolio Management

    We strive to make informed decisions about the investment mix, align activity to match objectives and balance risk against performance.

  • Investment Policy Development

    We work with clients to create a plan that outlines their investment strategy, including their philosophy, guidelines and constraints.

  • Capital Markets Valuation

    Our valuation process seeks to determine an asset’s worth by looking at numerous drivers of market value, including, but not limited to, a company’s management, composition of capital structure and potential future earnings to ascertain if an asset is overvalued or undervalued.

  • Asset Allocation

    We focus on an investment philosophy that strives to control risk by managing asset allocations that diversify portfolios.

  • Security Analysis and Valuation

    Our research, industry knowledge and business judgement guide us when making an investment recommendation.

  • Risk Management

    We monitor clients’ asset allocation, making tactical adjustments as needed based on their investment objectives and tolerance for risk.

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